Vocabulary lesson with Sutton Brumley - Part 4 (Plus bonus features!)

Post date: Feb 3, 2015 10:52:43 PM

June 15, 2006

What Sutton Says = What Sutton Means...

Caliputer = Caterpillar

I have that! = I'd like to have that!

What cher doing? = What are you doing?

Buat = Butt

I toodih-uh = I tooted

Some other cute things he says:

It doesn't matter where we've been or where he is but if we've been separated for any length of time and we meet up somewhere he exclaims, "Daddy you're home!" We could meet for lunch at Rubios and I walk in and he says with much relief in his voice, "Daddy you're home!" He does the same thing with Julie too. "Mommy you're home!"

Lately he's really loving Briar. He'll bring her a pillow to put her head on or try to give her his blankets but probably the cutest thing he does with her is gets down in her face and says, "Hi Briar Sweetheart..." Julie says he tells her that every morning when Briar comes in to his room.