UA Alum Snyder pledges 1,000,001 to McKale Renovation Project

Post date: Oct 21, 2014 4:45:05 PM


October 20, 2014

Article by J. S. Nyder

John and Gretchen Snyder

Inspired by fellow UA alums and (soon-to-be) best friends Steve and Margot Kerr, John and Gretchen Snyder have decided to “take it higher” by pledging 1,000,001 (in Vietnamese Dong) toward the McKale Center renovation project.

“I don’t like to get caught up in labels and stuff like that” Snyder said. “Some people are saying our gift isn’t comparable to theirs and I ask why not? They gave a million, and we’re giving a million. Plus one. It’s actually better since the number is higher and I plan on rounding up when I convert the amount to U.S. dollars.”

Snyder attended the UA the same time as the Kerr’s and feels a real kinship with the power couple from San Diego. “Even though we don’t know each other, Steve and I are like brothers” Snyder gushed. “We’ve always been so competitive with one another and have had very similar career paths post our UA days.” Kerr went on the win five NBA titles, served as GM of the Phoenix Suns, was a highly regarded play-by-play announcer for the NCAA and NBA and is now the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Snyder is a CPA and owns several ‘Breaking Bad’ t-shirts. When pressed about these alleged career similarities with Kerr, Snyder was dismissive but did state he’s played “lots of hoops” since 1988.

“My wish is that this inspires others to give back, too.” Also a San Diego resident, Snyder is hopeful to, one day, finally meet his fellow classmates. “I’ve tried reaching out to the Kerr’s hundreds of times” and blames his lack of success on bad email addresses and a faulty home modem. Snyder also says the restraining order is all a “big misunderstanding” and claims he really just needs to get his Camry smogged.