Home is Where Your Heart is...

Post date: Oct 28, 2014 6:30:09 PM

October 28, 2014

By Jason Snyder

Jason Snyder Coming Home

Home. It's a simple word filled with passion, love, and comfort. It's a place that makes you into who you are. Just ask Lebron James.

Me and Lebron are like brothers... Both cramp up when the pressure is on, and like Lebron I do own a pair of Nikes. Lebron and I both are the best athletes in our households. Both share the passion for some good Brussel sprouts and neopolotan ice cream. We both just love home.

Lebron got criticized for leaving his home for a career in Miami. I too got criticized for leaving my hometown to play division 3 football in Chicago. Lebron lost his fans. I lost a chance to win intramural championships at SDSU. Pretty much the same thing and they both hurt a lot of people. I had to get my ring though... And I did... Just like Lebron. I played a grueling 3 weeks and 2 whole plays for the Elmhurst College Bluejays that year before seeing my career come to a halt. Still got my ring though. Lebron won two championships and 2 NBA mvps in the process while I was the only freshman linebacker at my school who got above a 2.0 gpa. While the stats and accolades are comparable and unbelievable, nothing beats going back home.

Lebron goes home to millions of roaring fans and millions of dollars. I went home to free rent and a once in a life time chance to stock shelves at pottery barn. Lebron has a chance to win more rings and more mvps. I have a chance to lead my group of linebackers at the high school I coach at to a 3-7 record. The similarities between me and Lebron are endless and just proves how great it is to be back home!