Last night we played a game called "dictionary" (at least that's what we called it growing up). Basically, you pick a word out of the dictionary that no one else has heard of and then everyone makes up definitions for the word. After everyone has made up their definition they hand it in to the person with the true definition, that person reads all the definitions including the real one and everyone guesses as to which is the real one. It's super fun... trust me. Anyway, I thought I'd put some of the funnier definitions on here (Let me know if I missed any or feel free to add your own!). Some of us didn't really care if people guessed ours or not... we were in it for the laughs...

Read on...


- To lay concrete with a lisp - Ben Caulder (I think)

- An event at the Olympics involving Spaniards and Paving - Matt Metten


- A freshly waxed bottom. - BC

- To pretty much wag but not quite. - Matt Brumley

Klieg light:

- Klieg on a diet. - MM


- The point in time when Ton knows exactly what he is talking about. - MB


- Retarded donkey - MM


- The traditional toast widely boasted of by the Nordic viking after a large meal once the first viking has passed gas. - BC

- The sex of ones arm. - MB (Ben went into convulsions after this one)


- A dyslexic bird of prey - MB

- Fracon in Japanese - MM (My personal favorite from the evening)