Vocabulary lesson with Sutton Brumley - Part 2

Post date: Feb 3, 2015 9:57:06 PM

23 May 2005

What Sutton Says = What Sutton Means

Dowisin = Dolphin

Wayyo = Whale

Ahpus = Octopus

Osin = Ocean

What = What (Said whenever you say, "Sutton?")

Pesows = The Incredibles

Sh$ts = Shorts (little potty mouth)

Dun dun = All Done

Mommy, Juwee = Mommy, Julie (Always said together if mom doesn't answer RIGHT away)

Coaway = Coley

Biya = Briar

Jungie = Gretchen

Bonus Coverage:

Whenever he wants to start a conversation with someone he says, "Sharktayo!" = Shark Tale (His favorite movie)

Sutton calls our white kitchen phone "Papa."

**More to come... stay tuned...