Indoctrination not going as planned…

Post date: Feb 3, 2015 10:48:14 PM

May 06, 2006

We've trained Cole to say "GO CU!!!" whenever he sees a Buffalo in honor of Julie and my alma mater the University of Colorado. Yes, I graduated from Regis University but CU is one of the 6 colleges I went to so technically it is an alma mater... Anyway... When we ask Cole, "What do you say when you see a buffalo?" his response is typically a hearty, "GO CU!" We’re trying to teach Sutton the same thing so last night at dinner here went the conversation:

Me: Sutton?

Sutton: What?

Me: What do you say when you see a buffalo?!

Sutt: What?

Me: No... What do you say when you see a buffalo!?

Sutt: Uh... (pause) I see a buffalo…

True... not what we were looking for. We laughed pretty hard and he was looking at us like, "What? What'd I say?"

Cute boys...