Post date: Feb 3, 2015 5:12:12 PM

19 February 2004

Cole calls Seattle Sandeattle... probably because we live in San Diego and Papa and Grandma, my brother and his family, Julie's Grandma, Great-Aunt, Uncle and Aunt D&D all live in Seattle. Anyway, we told him last Summer when the whole Brumley clan was out here that he could go to Sandeattle when he was potty trained. Well the boys got the memory of a... uh... something that has a really good memory 'cause we went out to dinner the other night to celebrate him being potty trained and he said to us, "Now I can go to Sandeattle after one sleep!" Uh... you sure can boy. Well, not after one sleep but those of you in Sandeattle get ready... here come the Brumleys. We'll just send the boys... that's all you really care about seeing anyway.