Something Funny Sutton Said

Post date: Feb 3, 2015 10:42:26 PM

March 01, 2006

We went up to Northern California to visit 2 of our best friends Nathan and Becky Gomes last week. They just adopted the cutest little 6 month old boy so we drove up to Angels Camp, CA to meet the little guy. I've posted some pictures on Flickr of our trip.

Anyway, Sutton was having a hard time remembering Nathan, Becky and (the newest Gomes) Logans names the first couple days we were there. Here is how the conversation went...

Daddy: Sutton? Who's that? (pointing to Nathan)

Sutton: (blank stare at Nate)

Daddy: Sutt? What's his name?

Sutton: (blank stare at Daddy)

Daddy: Sutt? Who is that?

Sutton: I not benimber!!

Cute kid.