Lady Killer

Post date: Feb 3, 2015 10:50:07 PM

May 19, 2006

Tonight I chaperoned Cole and his 3 year old "girl friend" Sophia to the movies to see Over the Hedge. We got there early because I thought it was going to be packed since it was opening night. So we had to sit for about a half hour or so before the movie started doing nothing. Cole and Sophia chatted and I sat there listening in on their cute little people conversation. What a joy. They talked about their blankies (which they both had with them). They talked about dinosaurs… of course. There was one interchange though that was adorable…

Cole: Sophia?

Sophia: Yes Cole?

Cole: I love your name.

Sophia: Thank you Cole.


Cole: I love everything about you…

Sophia: Mmm hmm… (Very confidently like she already knew that)