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posted Feb 3, 2015, 1:37 PM by Matt Brumley   [ updated Feb 3, 2015, 1:37 PM ]

23 September 2004

What Sutton says = What Sutton means

Oooo = Mooo (When asked "What does a cow say?")
Uck = Duck
Ack! = Quack! (When asked "What does a duck say?")
ngh ngh = Choo Choo (Said with lips closed. Sound coming from the back of the throat)
Bubba = Bubba (We call Cole and Sutton "Bubba")
O dis!? = What's that? (Usually pointing at some object when asking this question.)
Aa aa!! = Pat Pat (Song "Love to pat the bible")
Daaa = Daddy (I get to hear that when I walk in the door coming home from work. I love it! And Cole yells out "DADDY!!" I'm a lucky man...)

If we can decipher more I'll post those too. What fun these 2 boys are. We are blessed!!!