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Rehabilitation Poetry

posted Oct 21, 2014, 11:46 AM by Matt Brumley   [ updated Oct 21, 2014, 12:28 PM ]

October 16, 2014 

By Linda Brumley 

Knee replacement surgery, being the most recent in a series of surgeries over the years that have introduced foreign matter into my body, I was inspired to write these little tributes to spare parts...  

Spare Parts #1
Chipping away at my vanity
I’m now largely made up of spare parts.
What’s visible’s covered in make-up—
Protecting those who’re weak of heart--
Who’d startle at truth’s revelation
Of my aging, decaying abode--
And join me in sadly regarding
The rest of me as I corrode.

Spare Parts #2
I’m cobbled together with spare parts
Like a Model-A on a back lot.
My “dents” we refer to as wrinkles;
My “rust,” an assortment of spots.
The paint job, dulled by oxidation,
Has counterpart on facial skin,
Malfunctioning bits of its motor
Are my maladies hidden within.
It’s incontrovertibly true
That flesh or steel turns obsolete—
The Ford and I have one more bond:
We both have a sag in our seats.

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